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Product Specification

INTERFLOW penstocks are fully manufactured in Malaysia accordance with BS 7775:2005 which are suitable for use in water and other liquid flow applications.
INTERFLOW penstocks are constructed from stainless steel material in accordance to BS EN 10088-3:1995, and grade (SS304) 1.4301 (X5CrNi18-10) as minimum.
When correctly installed, the frame shall be of sufficient strength to withstand safely the maximum static head and the resultant forces generated by the operating equipment.
The penstock door is designed so that the stresses and deflections in the door do not exceed the safe working figure given in Table 10 of BS EN 10088-3:1995. INTERFLOW™ penstocks are designed with 2.5 times safety factor for maximum bending load occur on the door. The deflection of the door is designed not exceeding 1/1000 deflection rate. For e.g., the deflection of 1000 mm width penstock shall not exceed 1 mm.
INTERFLOW penstock spindle is available for both rising and non-rising as an option. Where machined as a single start full ACME thread to provide the require rate of door movement compatible with the type of operating equipment. Spindle size is designed to withstand the effective length divided by radius of gyration and shall be not greater than 200. This will determine the spindle guide/ wall bracket spacing.
Spindle guide/ wall brackets are constructed such that when spaced accordance with requirement, they will retain the spindle in alignment and allow sufficient clearance to permit easy operation.
INTERFLOW Penstock Features
1. True bi-directional operation with no “on/off seat pressure differential restriction that allows for positive shut-off either direction.
2. Resilient sealing faces for more efficient sealing using synthetic rubber.
3. Compression sealing eliminates grit and fines seat wear common in metal seated penstock.
4. Unlimited custom-built options for aperture shapes and sizes such as square, rectangular or circle.
5. Light weight comparing to cast iron type penstock for better handling during installation.
6. Standard flush bottom design eliminates debris build up.

INTERFLOW Penstock Performance
For resilient sealing faces subjected on heads up to and including 6 m, the leakage rate shall not exceed 0.5 l/(min.m) of seal perimeter. For heads above 6 m, the maximum rate, Rlm (l/(min.m)), shall conform to:
Rlm = 0.1 ÷ 0.067 Hos
Hos is the seating head, in meters.
Seating Head (m) Maximum leakage rate (l/(min.m))
6 0.5
7 0.57
8 0.64
9 0.70
10 0.77
11 0.84
12 0.90
13 0.97
14 1.04
15 1.11

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