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EL-O-Matic Pneumatic actuators are powerful and compact double rack and pinion units for use with ball, butterfly and plug valves and any device requiring accurate and dependable quarter turn rotary motion.

The use of high grade steel and aluminum components together with EL-O-Matic's patended 3 point piston support provides a tough reliable unit for the automation of today's high performance industrial valves. Modern synthetic bearings ensure no metallic contact between moving components.

Spring return actuators incorporate the multiple spring concept for maximum flexibility, they are also ''field reverseable''. Safety features include an anti-blow out spindle and a spring retaining system which ensures no spring tension on disassembly.

A wide range of control options are available to cover each and every industrial application.

The choice of actuator depends primarily on the valves’ torque requirement, and with El-O-Matic you have the widest range possible, 18 basic model sizes covering a torque range from 12 to 4000 Nm.

'E' Series actuators incorporate a body of cast aluminum and have pistons where the rack teeth are precision machined onto the aluminum casting. Spring return versions have a maximum of 6 springs, 3 in each end cap assembled as a concentric stack.

'P' Series actuators cover the large end of the torque range. These all incorporate a body of cast aluminium and have steel for the rack on pinion drive. Spring return versions have a maximum of 14 springs 7 in each end cap assembled within a hexagon pattern.

All actuators have mounting flanges and drives to ISO 5211. Mounting kits can be provided for most of the worlds quarter turn valves.

EL-O-Matic actuators comply fully with all the relevant industry standards. Control interfaces for solonoid valves, switch boxes and positioners satisfy the NAMUR standard (VDI/VDE 3845).

  • Double Acting Actuator
  • Single Acting Actuator
  • Actuator with steel housing
  • Actuator with 1800 rotation
  • Three position Actuator
  • Limit stops in the end caps
  • Actuator with + 3or - 3extra travel

Upto 8 bar
-200 to 800 C
Air (dry or lubricated)
Non-corrosive gas or light hydraulic oil
Construction : Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
Material : Housing - Aluminium Alloy
Drive Shaft : Carbon Steel
Finish : Yellow Colour Powder Coated
Rotation (Standard) :
Counter clockwise to open with port 'A' pressurised
Spring return Actuators air fail to close clockwise
Movement(Standard) : 91.50 from -0.50 to910 counter-clockwise
Lubrication : Factory lubricated for the normal life of Actuators
Life : 5,00,000 operations minimum

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