Interflow Membrane Bioreactor
INTERFLOW® CMBR – Ceramic Membranes

Interflow ® CMBR is an innovative and high quality ceramic membranes for treatment, purification and separation processes with advanced manufacturing and patented technology. It provides chemical resistance, mechanical resistance, and thermal resistance.

Key Features:

- High-performance product.
- Highly hydrophilic – low fouling.
- Robust and reliable

Advantages of MBR Process

- High and consistent effluent quality
- Small footprint (no clarifiers and higher MLSS)
- Small bioreactor volume (reduced HRT) due to high biomass concentration (MLSS x4)
- Long SRT > minimum sludge production
- Effluent suitable for reuse or post-treatment (RO)
-100% Modular and easy-to-install system
- Easy maintenance

   INTERFLOW® – Flat Sheet Membranes

    Key Features:
    Interflow ® flat sheet membrane use PVDF as material which with very good chemical stability, fouling resistance
    and mechanical strength in nowadays membrane material. It is the most widely used membrane material in wastewater treatment      in the world.

   • System with less electricity requirements.
   • Excellent fouling resistance due to asymmetric structure.

 Advantages of Interflow Submerged Membranes
   • No chemical dosing in daily operation.
   • Very less chemical required for backwash
   • High bacteria population which leads to high efficiency.
   • Excellent permeate flux and high consistency on permeate quality
   • Easy monitoring and maintenance with fully automatic system
   • Compact design and relatively small foot print.
   • Local technical know how. Fast respond.  

INTERFLOW® – Hollow Fibre Membranes

  Key Features:
Stable Flux
The use of PTFE membrane with high durability provided by hydrophilic treatment combined with an asymmetric (dual) structure offers superior resistance to fouling.

Oil & Silica Can Be Washed Off
PTFE membrane allows cleaning with strong alkali.

Low Operational Cost

Our original “U-shaped structure” employed at the end bottom prevents activated sludge accumulation and allows efficient air diffusion.

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